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Islam is not a religion of peace, neither does it stand for peace. Islam is a religion of submission. A Muslim fully submits himself/herself to the will of God.

The issue is that it is not the will of God they are submitting to but the will of the human being.

I have no quarrel with the majority of Muslims who practise their faith peacefully. They are loving, caring people – most of whom will not participate in homophobic hate mongoring, or agree with the ‘eye-for-an-eye’ punishments, or the lashing of adulterers and fornicators. Most of them won’t even agree that I should be put to death for being an apostate.

No. My quarrel is not with them. I hold issues with those that follow religion to the letter; with those that think they understand the will of God completely, and they must act on His behalf. These are the same people that are crying for homosexuals to be put to death; the same people who believe a person convicted of theft must have his hands cut off, and two consenting adults must be lashed and stoned till death takes them for having sex out of wedlock.

These people also decide how much of my penis must be chopped off to appease God, and what length should my hair be. These are the people who think a woman’s place is at home. They think slitting a woman’s throat is more honourable than letting her live in sin.

Before the uninformed defenders of Islam come to bash me and say these practices are cultural and not religious, who are you kidding? The importance given to female virginity in Islam gives the green light to those that follow this scripture to do the unthinkable things that ensures a woman’s virginity is protected. They will go as far as to cut the clitorous off, commonly referred to as female genital mutilation, or ‘female circumcision’ by those that want to make it sound like a legitimate practice.

Homosexuality is vigorously opposed by those that think it’s a sin, and that they have God’s permission to protect their society from a repeat destruction that happened in Sodom and Gomorrah.

I will not make friends with such people, and such people should be the enemy of every single moral human being who has even an ounce of dignity in them.

Luckily, majority of Muslims I know are some of the kindest people I’ve met, but when others take religion to its full practice, that’s when it becomes a vile doctrine that needs to be wiped out from the face of this planet.


Conclusion to My Book

Posted: April 16, 2011 in Islam, Personal
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The problem with starting a new literature project is deciding where to begin, or even how to. Where exactly is the beginning? If it’s an autobiography, do I start from my childhood with a little mini-bio about myself? Well that’s a bit boring isn’t it?

Let’s start from the end; which I’m sure is an inevitable conclusion to this new and “brave” endeavour, surely for me as you will find out from the content of this blog.

So the ending begins like this;

And so, therefore, this is the reason for my recent conversion and complete acceptance to atheism. I hope you found my reasoning both logical and rational, and I hope in presenting my reasoning to you, you have come to accept that maybe there is an another alternative, if not the only alternative to religion and faith; an alternative that provides a much more evolved sense of morality, ethics, understanding of our own and our planets existence, and the acceptance of mutual benefits for peace and tolerance for all the wide range of lifeforms that we all share this blue rock in the abyss of space with.

I would imagine if I ever wrote a book, that’s how I would end it. That conclusion to my yet unwritten book is what I assume would be about, much or less.

Well there you have it. Now you know. I guess this is my first public acceptance of my decision to base my life around science, logic, critical thinking, reasoning, and rationality, and not on some old superstition and archaic scripture.

If you are a person of faith, whether you are Jewish, Christian or Muslim, I have no doubt you would have been offended by my post. You probably wanted to stop reading a long time ago but you didn’t. Instead you kept on reading, for that I thank you. If you are willing to keep an open mind and read further, you will see through my reasoning, through my critical thinking and logic, and also through my presentation of scientific facts, data and theory, that maybe the idea of atheism isn’t too evil after all. Hopefully, you’ll get to see that rational thinking provides a very liberating alternative to religion.

I’m not here to preach or to convert, but instead all I want to do is provide you with something to think about, something to engage you, in free thinking.

Even though I said earlier a mini-bio would be boring, but I think it is necessary, but I will keep this brief. I was born a Muslim child, which later on I come to realise that that is a completely silly notion; a Muslim child? Is there such a thing as a Muslim child? Or a Christian child? Or a Jewish child?

No. There isn’t.

A child is born without religion. A child is born to parents of a particular faith if they have one. In my case, I was a child born to Muslim parents. I grew up then, as a child with the Muslim faith entrusted upon him. I say entrusted because that’s exactly what children are subjected to. They are too young to understand religion and what religion is. But if they are born to Muslim parents, then the parents will bring the child up believing in the Islamic faith. In a typical Islamic family, and mostly in both the other Abrahamic religions; Judaism and Christianity, children will follow the faith of their parents. They will not know any difference. They are indoctrinated with the ideologies taken from the the scriptures of their parent’s religion. They will grow up believing that their religion is the only religion that is true and all others are false. They will believe that they do not have a choice to reject that faith and leave it, and if they leave it, the deepest level of hell gets reserved for them where they will forever burn in eternity. I will touch more on this subject later.

However, I left. I embraced science instead of superstition; I embraced logic instead of irrational thought and ideology; I embraced an evolved sense of morality based on the basic principle of what is right and what is wrong, what is harmful and what isn’t, and not told what is moral by some archaic scripture written at a time of ignorance. I would like to believe that as human beings we have changed from the times of the dark ages and have changed our morals and ethics for the better.

In the coming chapters, I will present you with some of my reasoning that won’t be hard to understand and accept by any free thinking mind, and I hope you will read and keep an open mind through it all. If I offend, then that’s too bad. Religion, like with anything else; politics, TV programs, books and authors, should not be exempt from criticism . Stick around. In my next chapters I will explain why.